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PRESIDENT (2 year term expected)
•    Conducts General and Board Meetings
•    Chairs the Executive Committee
•    Serves as ex officio member of all the committees except the Nominating Committee
•    Attends Annual Meeting of the Garden Club of America
•    Appoints, with Board approval, Delegate and Alternate to the Annual Meeting of the Garden Club of America
•    May, with Board approval, appoint ad hoc committees to study and make recommendations on specific issues or to perform a specific task.

•    Member of the Executive Committee
•    Conducts meetings in absence of President
•    Assists as requested by President

•    Member of the Executive Committee
•    Plans all General Meeting Programs in consultation with Horticulture, Conservation, Flower Arranging and Garden History Chairmen
•    Arranges for speakers and/or field trips for each general meeting.
•    Arranges for any furniture and/or equipment needed for the program and oversees the set-up and take down of the furniture and equipment after the meeting
•    Serves as hostess to the speaker during lunch
•    Arranges with Treasurer for payment of Program expenses
•    Sends Program list to GCA Zone Program Representative as requested
•    Keeps the GCA National Speakers List and GCA Zone XII Program Grid
•    Responds to GCA requests for information

TREASURER (2 year term expected)
•    Member of the Executive Committee
•    Keeps all financial records of the Club
•    Sends out dues notices, collects the dues, and pays GCA dues
•    Monitors and keeps an account of all monthly income and expenses
•    Prepares monthly income and expense report for Board Meetings
•    Prepares Treasurer's Annual Report, which includes:
•    Annual financial statements (Income and Expense, Balance Sheet, Form 990); list of donee organizations and amounts donated; Fund Raiser income and expense report, if applicable
•    Prepares budget at the beginning of the fiscal year for Board approval

•    Member of the Executive Committee
•    Takes minutes at all General and Board meetings
•    Distributes minutes to the GCA as required.
•    Distributes General Meeting and Board Minutes to the Board by the following Board meeting.

•    Member of the Executive Committee
•    Sends out General and Board Meeting notices (it is required that written notices be sent to all Active members at least ten (10) days prior to each General Meeting)
•    Responsible for keeping current year Membership Records
•    Receives and keeps track of changes in membership status
•    Notifies Roster Chairman, Membership Chairman, President and GCA of Membership changes
•    Keeps roll of Members' attendance at General Meetings
•    Handles social correspondence, writes notes of condolences, etc.

The following Officers are selected by the Nominating Committee to one-year terms:

•    Assists the Second Vice President in arranging General Meeting Programs
•    May work with appropriate Chairman in organizing Horticulture and Flower Arranging Workshops and field trips for Conservation and Garden History and Design

EVENT CHAIRMAN (Alternate years)
•    Appoints a committee to organize, plan and produce an April fund-raising event held in alternate years.  Note:  for the 2006 Event it was decided to have two committees-Luncheon and Plant Sale with separate heads of each committee.

•    Assists in the planning of the general meeting by arranging for locales and luncheons
•    Works with the Hostess and Caterer on the lunch menu
•    Arranges for rental chairs and tables if needed
•    Arranges with the Treasurer for payment of all meeting expenses
•    Collects guests fees and forwards to Treasurer

•    Receives and researches suggestions for projects and organizations to which our community funds generated by our fundraising event will be allocated
•    Presents all suggestions for approval by the Board at the April Board Meeting and for a vote by the Membership at the last business meeting of the year.

•    Updates and produces the Roster
•    Distributes Roster to the membership and the GCA

The following Officers are selected by the Nominating Committee to two-year terms to provide educational programs and workshops for the Membership, serve as liaisons to their corresponding GCA Zone Representative and represent the HPGC at GCA meetings and workshops.

•    Works with Zone Representative
•    May form a committee
•    Keeps the Membership informed on current conservation and national legislation issues and encourages interest in these areas with projects and speakers during the year
•    May attend National Affairs and Legislation meeting in Washington D.C. (late February)
•    Attends or sends representative to Zone XII Meeting (even years in spring)

•    May form a committee
•    May attend GCA Flower Shows
•    Keeps membership informed of GCA Flower Shows
•    Working with the Program chair, provides opportunities for flower arranging education through speakers, demonstrations and workshops
•    May, if directed by the Board, organize and chair a HPGC flower show

•    Works with Zone Representative
•    Forms a committee (2-6 members) to document local gardens for AAG
•    Keeps AAG (Archives of American Gardens) Notebook
•    Keeps club files of documented gardens
•    Identifies potential gardens for documentation and submission to the AAG
•    Provides educational opportunities for club members in the garden history and design through fieldtrips, speaker, etc.
•    Attends or sends representative to Zone XII Meeting (even years in spring)

•    Works with Zone Representative
•    Forms a committee
•    Stimulates the knowledge and love of gardening by planning workshops and reporting horticultural information from GCA and other sources to the general membership
•    Provides educational opportunities for club members, in plant propagation and identification through fieldtrips, speaker, etc.
•    Trains or arranges for the training of new members in plant propagation and botanical nomenclature
•    May attend annual Shirley Meneice Horticulture Workshops
•    Supervises the preparation of the plants for the GCA Annual Meeting PX
•    Attends or sends representative to Zone XII Meeting (even years in spring)

The following Officers are appointed by the President to one-year terms:

•    Keeps official records of the club for prior years: the President's Notebook which should contain the minutes, Treasurer's Annual Report, President's Annual Report to the Club, and Reports to the GCA; Rosters; Awards; delegates reports from GCA meetings
•    Acts as the Club Historian keeping: yearly archives with information on workshops, community projects, fund raisers, in-house photographs and memorabilia, any publicity concerning the club

•    Selects an admissions committee composed of four (4) Active members. These, along with the membership chair of the previous year, shall comprise the Membership Committee along with the President, who is ex-officio
•    Determines number of openings for new members
•    Announces number of available openings with instructions for proposing new members to the General membership by letter and at two (2) General Meetings
•    The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposals for membership
•    After deliberations of the Membership Committee, presents names of Proposed New members to the Board for vote. Presents new members at the Annual Meeting
•    Holds a new member orientation for proposed new members and their sponsors. At this meeting the President and Membership Chairman remind them of their responsibilities of membership in HPGC including the responsibility of being a member of a GCA club
•    Notifies Corresponding Secretary and Roster Chairman immediately of new members' names and addresses for inclusion in the Roster and forwarding to GCA
•    Supervises first year members

•    Selects and convenes the Nominating Committee
•    Nominating Committee selects a single slate of officers
•    Presents the slate of Officers for a vote of the Active Membership at the March General Meeting
•    Introduces the new Board at the last business meeting of the year
•    Responsible for keeping prior year Membership Records

The following Officers are appointed by the President to one year terms and serve as liaisons to their corresponding GCA Zone Representative.

•    Reports to the GCA Zone XII Representative and follows all procedures and policies regarding the proposal of candidates for national medals found in the GCA Awards section of the Information Manual and the GCA Awards Manual
•    May propose a worthy HPGC member or a member of our community for a Hancock Park Garden Club award, with the approval of the Board of Directors. This award shall be for outstanding local achievement related to horticulture, botany, conservation, historic preservation, environment protection, flower arranging, landscape design or literature

•    Reports to the GCA Zone XII Bulletin Representative and responds to requests for information
•    May submit one article with photographs
•    Keeps the membership informed about Bulletin issues and contents

•    Maintains Founders Fund Binder: official GCA 7 x 9 white binder containing descriptions of past award winners, procedures for applying to the Founders’ Fund, the Founders Fund Questionnaire and Policies
•    Serves as liaison to Zone Founders Fund Representative
•    May help research potential projects in our community for application to the Award
•    Informs the Club of information on the three finalists
•    Conducts the club vote on the annual Founders Fund Award
•    Monitors the Club's past Founders Fund recipients, if any, and prepares annual report for GCA

•    Educates and informs the membership on opportunities for training as flower show judges

•    Communicates the program and goals of the GCA to the membership
•    Keeps well-informed on all activities of the GCA and makes an effort to increase members' understanding of the Garden Club of America
•    Sends copies of any local Garden Club publicity to Zone PR representive

•    Reports to membership on GCA Scholarship programs and recipients
•    Assists Zone rep in publicizing availability of scholarships and fellowships as requested

•    Maintains list of private gardens in our geographic area open to visitation by GCA members
•    Handles requests by GCA members to visit local gardens by escorting the visitors or by arranging visits
•    Assists our HPGC members in contacting Zone representative to arrange out of town visits to private gardens
•    Informs membership of GCA trips

Revised September 2007


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