Roster Updates – October 25, 2011

Hancock Park Garden Club Roster Updates

Please make the following changes:

  1. Page 11:  Carolyn Bennett’s correct address is
    10465 Ojai Santa Paula Road
  2. Page 13:  Add Kay Gates’ email address:
  3. Page 13:  Helen Hartung’s correct email address is
  4. Page 14:  Diane Hawley’s correct email address is
  5. Page 16:  Ginger Lincoln’s correct telephone number is
    (323) 935-6612 (not 936)
  6. Page 17:  Kelly Martin’s correct email is Add office phone (213)977-1927
  7. Page 17:  Anne Mansour’s telephone number is (323)466-4146
  8. Page 18:  Mary Pickhardt Newman’s telephone is (323) 857-5729
  9. Page 18:  Betty Walker’s correct email is (there is a double y)
  10. Page 22:  Please delete the fax number for Jenny Schreiber
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